Singapore's Average AC Service Cost Guide 2020

How Much Does It Cost for Aircon Service?

Getting an air conditioning system properly functioning has been a major concern of every individual, be it for residential or commercial purposes. It could be a nightmare scenario when the AC unit breaks down or malfunction, especially in the middle of a hot day. As much as this brings difficulties to our daily life, a lot of our tasks would not be able to carry out smoothly due to not feeling comfortable. By this time, it plays pivotal role for us to know the average cost for each of the aircon service below, its hourly rate; having the right aircon contractor found helps your aircon be fixed a lot easier and quicker.

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Common Average Cost Guide:

Aircon Service Average Cost Per Unit / Flat Rate
Basic Cleaning $40
Chemical Cleaning $60
Installation of New HVAC System Depending on brands / models
Aircon Maintenance Ranges within $100
Aircon Repairing Charges est. at $50
Aircon Parts Replacement Depending on which parts to replace

Normal AC Unit Cleaning Average Price

Consistently having your cooling system be washed despite being just a basic cleaning the internal components of AC somehow keep it running at its smoothest possible. At SmartCool SG Singapore, our flat rate for this is estimated $40 per one unit. In case you have more than one aircond unit to be serviced, you may want to actually enjoy at your best price, 2 air conditioner units will be only charged at $50. You know how much you can afford to save - $30! For 3 air conditioner units and above while this is normally used for enterprises or commercial buildings, it is much more cost-effective which costs you only $20 each. Imagine how much you are going to save! Even better is, if you wish us to represent your aircon for long term, we do have 1-year promotion offered for you. Throughout the entire promotion, you are eligible to be served with 3 times of on-site visit. 1 air conditioner unit averages $90 to clean. It doesn’t matter how dirty your aircond is, the price is worth more than you think. $150 will be charged for 2 air cond units, in this case you’ll be able to save up to $15. Following by 3 AC units, it just costs you 200 SGD! The more AC units to be cleaned, the cheaper the rate it is. Only $240 is needed for 4 units of AC while 5 units itself cost around $290. What if I tell you to clean 6 air conditioners, you can expect just as little as $57! Ask a pro like us.

Average AC Chemical Wash Price

Some may ask why aircon chemical wash matters? It helps your AC lasts even longer as it reduces corrosion and prevent the molds from growing. With us, it usually priced at flat rate $60 for each aircond that need to be cleaned chemically. Of course, it will be more worthwhile if you have 2 and above AC to be washed; it is as little as $50 each. Be sure there are a lot asking whether there is any promotion with our air con chemical cleaning. Yes, we do offer 1-year promotion as well with the pricing in the same manner with air con basic cleaning service. Frequency of on-site visit up to 3 times throughout the year. Why not?

How Much Does It Costs for Aircon Installation?

If you wish to install a new HVAC system for you house or office space, it could be costing you in thousands. The AC installation is mainly based on the brands or models you are decided on as prices varied across the different brands. It’s pretty good that we do serve you with many famous brands like Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and so on. Indeed, there are many other cost factors incurred such as the type of new cooling system you would like to install, your house size and also the current condition of your air conditioning duct at home. In fact, the cost will actually varies based on what type of AC works you will be installing; either it is to install condenser fan or compressor, there could be a difference in price.

Average Cost for Aircon Maintenance

It is kind of peace of mind to have your aircon be well-maintained in an ideal state as this can ensure clean air filters for you and your family. Many might be curious that will it be costly to maintain their aircond throughout its lifespan? Again, it depends. In annual based, if you have committed to maintenance contract, the cost is within $150. However, if you wish to get one-time maintenance on-site visit on hourly rate basis, you may expect a minimum costing within $100 in estimation, depending on what kind of maintenance service you are taking. At SmartCool SG Singapore, our maintenance service includes as well for air cond gas topping up. There are 2 chemical gas coolant types we help to refill your refrigerant storage unit; R22 gas is priced at $80 per aircon unit whereas R410A gas is priced at $120 per ac unit. This keeps your aircon delivering cool air at all times.

Average Cost of AC Unit Repairing / Troubleshooting

You might not know about it yet, the average lifespan of a properly maintained aircon is approximately 15-20 years. And the average number of times an AC should be serviced is once per every 6 months throughout the entire usage. The regular hvac repairing costs usually rated at about $50 for normal tune-ups and troubleshooting upon each on-site visit to your place. Nevertheless, the pricing could be vary depending largely on what kinds of repair works you require, you would be charged more if the damages are quite severe which takes longer for our technicians to fix or the brand of aircon being serviced is rare.

Average Cost for Air Con Parts Replacement

Since an AC’s lifespan close to 15-20 years; if your air conditioning system has functioned for more than 10 years and suffered from a breakdown of certain parts, it’s advisable to replace it rather than to repair due to the repairing costs could be a sky-high price. Most of the time, people tend to replace a few parts of aircon for instance thermostat, a condenser coil, capacitor, ducts, vents and etcetera. There are a few price factors affecting it such as the state of your ductwork and wiring, the types of your air conditioning system as well as the complexity level of your case. However, if there’s a need to replace the compressor of your aircon, the price would be slightly higher reach up to thousands and more. Again, it depends on which AC spare parts you wanted to change.

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Aircon has become an essential for everyone and life without it is no joke. As such, looking for a professional contractor has become extra important for homeowners or businesses in Singapore. Before your cooling system gives up to you, engage with SmartCool SG expertise today to service you AC.